jueves, 22 de febrero de 2007

Salió el Cd Metamorphoses 2006 - Bélgica

At the outset, 120 candidates coming from 26 different countries. With "Métamorphoses 2006", Musiques & Recherches presents the vintage 2006 of the finalists of its biennal acousmatic composition competition.

The finalists pieces were selected by a preselection jury - Francis Dhomont, Hans Tutschku and Annette Vande Gorne - and were performed and spatialised during the XIII° International Festival "Espace du Son" (Brussels, 2006). The Festival's jury - Patrick Ascione, Jonty Harrison, Philippe Mion and Hans Tutschku - awarded the First Prize ex-aequo to "Maresia" by the Brasilian Composer Daniel Barreiro and to "Et ignis involvens" by the Portugese Composer Joao Pedro Oliveira. The Public Prize, with the support of the Commune d'Ixelles, was awarded to "A tu memoria" by the Argentinian Composer Raul Minsburg.

Listen to these pieces in the blue Métamorphoses CD, and let the ocean mist bead along your skin before returning in the waves ("Maresia"); face the mystery of the first vision of the prophet Ezechiel ("Et ignis involvens"); wake your ears up by the early morning sun ("Early morning"); come across old forgotten sounds re-ignated ("A tu memoria"); walk along the amnio made of silence to the explosion of life, ending in a dead sleep ("Eclipse"); spend suspended gazes at the wood doors scuptures at the borders of worlds ("Kotmun (A Gate of Flowers)", by the South Korean Composer Suk-Jun Kim); focus on the unexpected voices of internal sounds and a triangle ("The inner voice of Triangle" of the Taiwanese Composer Yu-Chung Tseng); and allow the time to recover its breath, its rythm, to expand, to pause, as it wishes ("[./me_slowness] by the Japanese Composer Aki Ito).

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Claudio dijo...

Hey hola como va esto
te felicito por la publicacion del CD , entiendo bien ? tu obra fue elegida por el publico? te mando un abrazo y a ver si te las ingenias para que podamos escucharla
Saludos desde lejos

Raúl dijo...

Si...es así, fue elegida por el público. En poco tiempo la voy a poner on-line. Un abrazo desde cerca!

Ricardo de Armas dijo...

Querido Raúl, mis felicitaciones por la inclusión de tu obra en el disco.
Tuviste el mejor premio, el de la obra elegida por el público.
Un abrazo desde la Bahía.